Waiting for the Rimini’s specialized fair SUN Beach&Outdoor Style

“Evolution” is the password for SUN Beach & Outdoor Style 2019, the B2B expo organized in Rimini from 9th to 11th October, dedicated to the outdoor world, beach facilities and campsites. With more than 30,000 sqm of exhibition space, SUN is the only B2B trade show in Italy to bring together – for 35 years now – two macro sectors: the seaside world (Seastyle) and the camping world (Camping & Village show).

Held simultaneously with TTG Travel Experience and SIA Hospitality Design, the SUN Beach & Outdoor Style fair will anticipate the most interesting innovations involving the beach world and services provided there.

The 2019 SUN edition will reserve a look at the beach not only from the point of view of furniture and services, but also from that of environmental protection and sustainability issues, with a particular focus on the sea and beaches, in view of an eco-sustainable holiday.

At the expo, as is the tradition, ample space will also be dedicated to the knowledge of trends and training, with conferences and workshop organized in the Beach & Camping Arena.

There is also a new feature in the competition sector. Alongside the traditional ‘Best Beach Bar’, ‘Best Italian Beach Bar’ and ‘Best Design Beach’, this edition of SUN will also feature an all-round ‘Best Beach’ award, which will be assigned by a specialized panel of judges.

In the future, seaside vacations will be booked online by means of sites that will organize the entire journey (including day trips); amusement will be guaranteed by trampolines located in the sea, tourists will have a virtual assistant and an app for ordering food from any restaurant in town, delivered directly to their beach umbrellas. All on a beach protected by innovative low cost anti-erosion systems.


This evolution is to the fore at SUN Next, which every summer, for four years now, picks out the most interesting innovations that will be featured on the beaches of the future. After having participated in a competition, the companies selected will be hosted at Rimini´s SUN Beach & Outdoor.

Here following are the companies taking part in October, with the innovations that will be featured in the coming years´ summer holidays:

Best Umbrellas (Milan) is the first integrated tourism portal specifically addressing the seaside sector. After clients choose their destination beach, Best Umbrellas indicates the route for reaching it, the top events in the vacation period, info on restaurants, care hire, attractions, etc.

Teti (Brindisi) will present a low-cost invention for protecting beaches from erosion: simple but ingenious barriers manufactured from recycled material which, rather than reducing the impact on the shoreline, facilitate their advance, but block the waves´ backwash.

Venini Sport (Como) manufactures towable water trampolines, one of the very latest in beach entertainment, the floating inflatable games.
In just a few minutes with your sup (stand up paddle) you may reach a real water park in the sea.

Ameasyng (Riccione) is a virtual travel assistant, which introduces a new concept in experiential tourism, in order to ensure that the necessary products and services are always available during vacations.

CocconApp (Vicenza) brings food delivery to the beach. You just need to select the destination beach and order food and beverage (in plastic-free containers). The delivery will be executed directly under your beach umbrella.

Gico (Lecce) has patented Speedymil, a practical drone-shaped glass-holder for beach umbrellas. Light, handy and ecological, it takes up little space because it closes up and helps the environment, as it reduces the waste of disposable glasses.

Benessere Mediterraneo (Rome) proposes ionized water distributors, to improve tourists´ health and at the same time spread the use of aluminium flasks on the beach instead of disposable plastic bottles.

The six innovations selected by the SUN Next jury will have the possibility of measuring themselves for the first time with the market in the sector’s reference expo, exhibiting in a thematic area dedicated to innovations for beaches of the future.

Info: https://en.sunexpo.it/

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