The best beaches in Aruba, a magical heaven in the Caribbean Sea

If you have not heard of the magical heaven that is the Caribbean island of Aruba, it is time to get to know more about it.
Aruba is a beautiful flat isle of about 69 square mile located in the Southern Caribbean, just below the hurricane belt.
Some of the contributing factors to the popularity of Aruba include spectacularly scenic white beaches that will take your breath away, crystal waters, traditions, hospitality of population, amazing cuisine and fantastic weather all year long.

If you are looking for the ideal paradise to escape to, the temperature in Aruba will never disappoint. The warm, sunshine-soaked island enjoys a temperature of 28°C, on average. The annual rainfall stays below 20 inches in general.

Aruba is full of stunning beaches where you will find magnificent sandy shorelines, sheltered bays, crystal clear waters. It’s very hard to pick out the best beaches in Aruba as there are so many to choose from!
Check out the colorful marine life of Aruba, an island that can be just as amazing under the sea as it is on land. So snorkeling or diving is a must here.

The beaches of Aruba are considered to be among the cleanest, widest, and most spectacular in the Caribbean region. An Aruba beach typically consists of powder-fine, white-sand, perfect for soaking up the Caribbean sun.
Aruba offers some well-equipped beaches:

Eagle Beach is the broadest beach, located on Aruba’s north-west corner, and is known for its silky white sands and crystal-clear turquoise waters. In 2018 it has been featured in National Geographic’s 24 Best Spots in the Caribbean. Eagle Beach is also favored by turtles as they search for the ideal spot to lay their eggs. If you’re planning an Aruba honeymoon, this is the best beach to stay on.

Palm Beach, situated in the West, is certainly one of the best beaches in Aruba, especially for families. The beach is wide and filled with cabanas and lounge chairs that sit in the shade of tall palm trees. It is a haven for beach-lovers who enjoy lazing on white powder sands. The calm sea create the perfect conditions to enjoy an array of water sports. Palm Beach boasts many high-rise resorts, restaurants and bars nearby with a vibrant atmosphere.

Baby Beach, located in the South of Aruba, is a half-moon sandy bay known for the amazingly clear sea and breath-taking vistas. You can swim out quite a distance from the beach as the water isn’t too deep. Just because of the calm water, swimming and snorkeling are safe for children.

Several sea turtles living around Baby Beach regularly visit the sandy lagoon where they rest and feed. So they offer snorkelers a good opportunity to observe them.

Reliably near perfect weather year round with ideal tanning conditions, unwaveringly sunny skies, warm temperatures, cooling breezes, low humidity and some of the best white powdery-sand beaches in the world. That’s why Aruba is “one happy island”!


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